Controls and scene management

The ZenCreate editor is the place where your projects come to life. Through the editor you can model your app. In this paragraph you will find a useful guide on the commands for creating and managing each scene that makes up your app.

Top Bar for scene management

In the Editor Top Bar you can interact with various components:

The 'Document' Menu

By selecting 'Document' you can access the following features:

  • Save: to save changes to the scene

  • Save as: allows you to save the document as a copy by modifying the name

  • Show grid: Show a grid in the safe area

  • Show safe area: to show the margins of the safe area

The 'More' Menu

By selecting ‘More’ with a preselected object (or group of objects), you can access the following features:

  • Cut

  • Copy

  • Paste

  • Delete

  • Rotate

  • Scale

  • Flip horizontal

  • Flip vertical

  • Multiple selection

  • Group

  • Ungroup

Device Ratio

ZenCreate allows you to choose how the work plane of your scene is displayed: the Safe Area. This allows you to work in an orderly manner, adapting the graphics and commands according to the device the app is intended for.

In the Scene Editor you can select three different types of workspace view via a drop-down menu at the top left of the toolbar. The types are:

  • Wide

  • Ultrawide

  • Tablet

The scene in the editor will change format based on the selected option and the preview of the scene will also be displayed with the same format.

Attention: The 'Device ratio' drop-down menu does not change the format of your app, which by default will always be available for all devices (except in the case where you choose a specific device for release). For further information read the Launch chapter.

Scene name

In the center of the upper bar of the editor is the scene name (it must not exceed 25 characters). If there is also an asterisk next to the name, it means that the scene has been edited, but not yet saved.

Other features

At the top right are the following features:

  • Zoom: Allows you to enlarge or reduce the view of the scene

  • Undo and Redo: The buttons allow you to undo the last action performed (Undo) or restore the last undone action (Redo)

  • Save: Allows you to quickly save the scene

  • Editor Mode: The switch allows you to preview the scene or, conversely, to return to editing mode.

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