To enrich your scene and make it a fun, interactive, exciting or simply unique experience you can insert the gameplay dynamics of ZenCreate.

You can create real games or simply add interactivity to your content.

Create a game

From the 'New Scene' pop-up menu on the Project Page, you can choose the 'Game' scene type. This includes several dynamics:

  • Tap the object

  • Quiz

  • Memory

  • Drag the object

  • Stickers

  • Color

Each selectable dynamic has its own peculiar characteristics. After creating a 'Game' type scene in the editor, other features will be added and different inspectors will be selectable.

New objects will be added to the toolbar and different smart inspectors and game inspectors will be selectable depending on the object and scene chosen via the inspector bar.

Game dynamics scene settings

A Game-like dynamic provides an additional set of scene settings. You can determine what happens when the game is completed, if it is possible to lose and what happens in this case. In particular, at the end of the game:

Game completed audio: The audio clip you set in the ‘Game completed audio’ field will be played.

Game completed image: The image set in this field will appear in the center of the screen.

On completed game: It allows you to determine what the transition mode to the next scene will be. If you choose ‘Go to scene’ you will see an automatic transition to another scene, selected through the drop-down menu below. If you choose ‘Button appears’ the transition will not happen automatically. If you choose this option, a special navigation button will appear in the editor. Its smart inspector allows you to choose the target scene and the type of graphic transition.

Game completed delay: This allows you to establish a waiting time after which the transition will take place (in the case of Go to scene) or the navigation button will appear (in the case of Button appears ).

Smart inspector of the game navigation button: When you select the Button appears option in the 'On completed game' field, the navigation button is added to the scene.

On Error: Your game will continue until you win. This is the default option in case of an error. If you want the game to end in defeat, select ‘Game Over’. The scene settings will be enriched by a new set of options related in case of an error, similar to those already present in case of a completed game.

Game over audio: This allows you to choose the audio clip to play in case of game over.

Game over image: This is the image that will appear in the center of the screen when you have lost.

On game over: You can define how the transition to the next scene will take place. The options are the same as those available to define the 'On game completed' behavior.

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