The Game scene

With the 'Game' type scene you can add interactivity and gamification to your app. Explore all the sections dedicated to game dynamics and watch our demos to find out everything you can do with games in ZenCreate.

The Game scene

Once the Game option has been selected in the 'Scene type' field, you can choose a game dynamics:

  • Drag the object: The dynamic is that of 'Drag & Drop'. You can create a scene where you can drag objects to specific target areas. By selecting this dynamic, you have the possibility to add editable 'moving' and 'target' objects.

  • Memory: You can display an even number of customizable cards in a grid with images on the front and back.

  • Stickers: The dynamics behave in a similar way to 'Drag the object', with the difference that the associations between objects are 1 to 1: only one 'target' corresponds to a particular 'moving'.

  • Tap the object: This dynamic allows you to interact with user-editable objects with a tap, like in a multiple choice quiz, but without text or image restrictions.

  • Quiz: Once this dynamic has been selected and the scene created, a popup will appear showing four different templates.

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