General Properties

One of the main features of any self-respecting editor is that of customizing the characteristics of an object, be it image, video or interactive elements. This is possible through the Inspector of the "General Properties".

General properties inspector

Selecting an object will activate inspectors in the dedicated bar. One of these is the 'General Properties' which allows the modification of geometric characteristics of the preselected object.
The features of the Inspector they are:
  • Position: Using the relevant fillable fields, it is possible to precisely change the positioning of an object in the scene area according to the X and Y axis.
  • Size: Through the fillable fields it is possible to change the aspect ratio of an object. The dimensions can be changed individually or together by interacting with the lock icon.
  • Order: Manages the order of arrangement of the object according to the Z axis.
  • Rotation: Through the fillable field it is possible to assign a rotation to the object. The buttons to the left of the field allow you to rotate the object 90° to the left or to the right.
  • Scale: By manually entering a value, you can zoom in or out on an object on the screen.
  • Anchor: You can choose where to anchor the object relative to the screen. The dock adapts to the screen size of the device. The anchor options can be set according to the vertical and horizontal axis; by default the anchor is set to the center vertically and to the center horizontally. The anchor function allows you to pin an object in the scene so that it remains in the same position regardless of the type of device your user will use to navigate in your app.