Test with ZenCreations

When your app is complete you will want to take a look to make sure everything is working according to plan. You can do it directly on your mobile devices through the ZenCreations app.

The ZenCreations app

In order to test your app you will need to download the ZenCreations app on your test device. You will be prompted for access and you can use the same or a different account than the one you use for ZenCreate.

The ZenCreations app will allow you to: test your apps, you can automatically update them when you make changes on your Editor and create a new version, you will have the opportunity to let your friends, who will be your testers and try them out.

Each app will have an expiration of 90 days after which it will no longer be possible to open and view it. In that case you will have to repeat the download procedure on ZenCreations.

How to test with ZenCreations

ZenCreate Project page click on the test icon.

A popup window will open in the center of the screen and you will need to select ZenCreations from the drop-down menu. This will begin creating the test version of your app. On trial completed you will have at your disposal:

  • An identification code of your app

  • A link

  • A QR code

In order to use one of the three app export methods on ZenCreations you will need to have access to the same wi-fi network on both your devices, the one on which you created your app with ZenCreate and the one on which you installed ZenCreations for testing your project.

After logging in on ZenCreations you can finally import your project by typing the relevant code, using the link or scanning the QR code directly from your test mobile device by clicking on the relevant icon in the ZenCreations home (you will need to allow access to the camera to be able to use this import method).

Now you can finally browse your app.

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