Color Inspector

Color inspector

The color inspector allows you to assign a specific color palette to an object, allowing further customization of the components in the scene. The choice of color is very wide, it is possible to associate a color to an object by selecting it from a preset color palette or by manually entering the hexadecimal or RGB.
When an object is selected, the color inspector is activated. With this inspector you can assign certain color characteristics. The features they include:
  • An area of preset colors to assign to the object.
  • Fields that can be filled in RGB and HEX that allow the assignment of a custom color.
  • An interactable bar of the Alpha, which allows you to assign opacity to the object. To make the object invisible you will have to move the cursor to 0, to make the object totally visible you bring the cursor to 100. The opacity can also be assigned via the fillable field on the right of the bar.