Project information

After having created a project, you can access the 'Project Page'. The Project Page is the section of ZenCreate that will contain the heart of your project, the scenes that make it up and all the information necessary for finalizing the app.

Project Page

In the Project Page you can view and manage the scenes that make up your project. Here's what you can do in the Project Page:

  • Edit the scenes; in particular you can: ⊛ Add new scenes ⊛ View links between scenes ⊛ Delete or duplicate a scene ⊛ Set the 'main scene'

  • View your project information

  • Change your app settings

  • Set your app's release settings

  • Set your app's testing and distribution options

  • Preview the app to get an overview of how it works

  • Start the process of releasing your app on the main mobile stores

  • Send the app to your testers or your mobile device

  • Delete a project

How to add, edit and interact with scenes

In the Project Page you can:

  • get an overview of the scenes that make up the application

  • add a scene using the '+' icon

Project information

On the right side of the Project Page you can view the project information. You can edit the project information from the settings popup.

  • Icon: Shows the project icon. The icon must be set in the appropriate section in the project settings

  • Date modified: Shows the date of the last modification of the project

  • Date created: Shows the creation date of the project

  • Size: Shows the weight of the application

  • Orientation: Shows the orientation of the application, whether Landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)

  • Author name: Shows the name of the author of the project

  • Soundtrack: Shows the name of the chosen audio track, played by default in all scenes

  • Main scene: Shows the name of the home screen when the app is started

  • Language: Shows the language of the project

  • Copyright: Shows the Copyright information concerning the creator of the project (physical person or company).

Change the project settings

Your project settings concern:

  • App icon: is an image of predefined dimensions (1024x1024 px) that can be produced in jpg, jpeg or png formats. The icon is not mandatory unless the app is being released.

  • Orientation: Shows the orientation of the application, whether landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). This setting is set during the creation of the project and cannot be changed.

  • App name: Your app name cannot contain more than 15 characters, including spaces.

  • Language: You can set the primary language of your app. In future releases, the multilingual option will be available for your projects.

  • Soundtrack: From here you can set the audio track that will be played by default in all scenes.

  • Author name: The author's name will appear in the Store at the time of release. This field is required.

  • Copyright: In this section you will need to set the Copyright information regarding the creator of the project (individual or company) and the year of creation of the app. This field is required.

Set the release settings

In the app settings, select the 'Store release' tab to access the release settings of your app.

Set the testing and distribution options

In the app settings select the 'Testing options' tab to access the testing options of your app.

View the app preview

During and after the creation of an app it is very important to verify that all the steps are functional and that all the content created works the way you want.

Access the preview of your app by clicking on the play icon. From the drop-down menu next to the icon, choose the device on which to preview. Remember that your projects created with ZenCreate can be released on all devices.

Therefore it is advisable, before release or distribution, to make sure that the app is clearly visible on all types of devices: tablet (aspect ratio 4:3), widescreen devices (aspect ratio 16:9) or ultrawide (aspect ratio 19.5:9).

A simulator will allow you to navigate your app and observe how it will look once the build is done and sent to a device. The preview can be stopped using the stop icon to return to the Project Page.

Publish or distribute your app

To finalize your project and create your app you need to indicate some important information in your app's release settings popup.

By clicking on the settings icon a release window will open in which you will need to enter:

  • Version number of your app. The format must have 3 numbers divided by a period.

  • Type of distribution. You can choose what type of release to carry out: ⊛ Choose 'Mobile store' if you want to publish your app on an app store on mobile devices (iOS or Android) ⊛ Choose 'ZenCreations' if you want to create a version of the app available for testing or distribution to your users, without the need to publish the app on a store.

Delete a project

To delete a project, access the Project Page of your project, open the app settings popup and delete the project using the 'Delete project' button. A confirmation popup will open to prevent deletion from happening by mistake.

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