Verify the scene

Viewing the final result of editing a scene is an important step in its finalization. Verifying the scene allows you to observe how the components you have inserted in the scenes will behave in your app and how the various scenes will interact with each other.

At the top right of the editor there is a switch that changes the status from Edit to Preview or vice versa. This is the function that allows you to preview the scene created in the editor.

By entering Preview mode to check the scene, it is possible to interact with all the objects staged, both game and interactive. The display will take place in the editor, but you will not be able to interact with the toolbar or the inspector. In this mode it will not be possible to edit or add other objects in the scene. In order to continue editing the scene, the switch must be brought back to the Edit state.

By interacting in Preview mode you can change the status of an object. Bringing the switch to Edit, the object you interacted with will return to its initial state.

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