Who is it for?

Anyone can use ZenCreate to create interactive apps to be launched on the stores or to be made available to a limited audience of users. In particular, some professional categories can greatly benefit from the use of software that does not require programming skills. Here are some examples:

  • Creative agencies: ZenCreate can be a valid tool for the digital strategy that creative agencies offer to clients. These strategies often involve the rapid creation of mobile applications such as advergames or informative and interactive apps. With ZenCreate it will be easy to make them, even for those smaller agencies that do not have people with specific technical skills in their team.

  • Media and Publishing: With ZenCreate, companies in the media and publishing sector will be able to test new digital products on the market without having to face expensive costs.

  • Freelance digital: All professionals involved in supporting smaller companies in the digitization process will be able to add to the services provided to their customers the creation of interactive mobile applications at reasonable costs.

  • Independent authors and creatives: The self-publishing market has given anyone the opportunity to issue unpublished creative works at low costs and outside the typical dynamics of publishing. Through ZenCreate, e-books can be combined with captivating digital products that are in step with the times, to reach a new category of customers.

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