Tap the Object

One of the fundamental game dynamics is “tap the object”. ZenCreate is enriched by many customization choices present in the editor.

Elements of ‘Tap the Object’

  • Answer Button: in the toolbar there is the Answer button tool of the dynamics. Once selected, it adds the item in the Safe Area.
  • Scene Settings: contains generic settings of a game dynamic, for example if and which image will appear when the game is over.
  • Answer Button Properties: contains the properties of the selected answer button.
  • Game Settings: find the generic settings related to this game dynamic.

Game Settings

  • Randomize answers position: If the checkbox is checked, each time you start the game the positions of the answers will be shuffled.
  • Correct answer audio: You can select the sound to play when choosing a correct answer.
  • Wrong answer audio: Here you can select the sound to play when you get an answer wrong.

Smart Inspector

The smart inspector of a selected Answer button will contain the following settings:
  • Object Image: This field is used to customize the appearance of the answer button.
  • Is correct: Select this checkbox if the selected answer is correct.
  • Feedback Image: You can choose an image that will appear when the user selects this answer. If you leave this field blank, nothing will appear.
  • Feedback Audio: You can choose the sound that will be played when the user selects this answer.

How to assemble a Tap the Object game

As an example, let’s take a simple scenario with two choices: one correct and one wrong.
  • Select the 'Answer button' object from the toolbar. Once added, the smart inspector called 'Answer button properties' will open.
  • In the Object Image field assign an image.
  • Check the 'Is correct' checkbox to assign the correct answer to the 'Answer button' object.
  • In order to complete, assign a Feedback Image.
  • Assign an audio to the correct answer.
Repeat the same procedure for the wrong answer, leaving the 'Is correct' field unchecked and not assigning a 'Feedback image'.
At the end, the configuration in the Smart Inspector for the two 'Answer buttons' will be as follows:
By opening the ‘Game settings’ inspector you can assign a ‘Correct answer audio’ and a ‘Wrong answer audio’.
Opening the scene settings inspector, we set an audio in the 'Game completed audio' field and a 'Game completed image', which will appear when the game is complete.
An object has been added as a background image, so we leave the default color, white.
Set a completion audio and an image that will appear in the center of the screen upon completion of the game.
Set the completion delay to 0 and select 'Go to scene' from the 'On completed game' drop-down menu. Let's set 'PAGE completed' as the target scene.
Let’s set ‘On Error’ to ‘Game Over’.
The final result will be the following: