In the scenes you can insert objects, videos and images, games and much more, all customizable. The inspector will be your joystick to really play ZenCreate.

Inspector bar

ZenCreate inspectors contain all the essential features for editing your scene. Depending on what you need to change, you can interact with one of the inspectors:

  • Scene settings: Allows you to set general characteristics of the scene. The Game scene has more features than the Generic and Tale scene, regarding the general game behavior.

  • Navigator: Allows you to view the objects in the scene according to a hierarchical order on the levels. You can select multiple objects at the same time by combining them into custom groups.

  • General properties: it is possible to modify the geometric characteristics of an object (or a group of objects) in the scene and their position in the scene or with respect to other objects.

  • Text properties: Allows you to change the formatting of a text: font, font size, alignment, text color and background color of the text box if you have used a shape as a text box.

  • Color inspector: Allows you to change the color of a preselected object (or group of objects) and the alpha channel, thus modifying the transparency of the object.

  • Smart inspector: The smart inspectors change according to the type of object selected, whether generic component (Image, Video…) or specific game component.

  • Game Properties: The inspector changes according to the selected game dynamics. Allows you to change the specific settings of a 'Game' scene.

  • Tooltips: Selecting the icon with '?' at the bottom right it is possible to view the labels relating to each function in the 'scene editor'.

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