Create a new project

The ZenCreate Home Page is the area where you will find your app projects. From here you can choose the order in which to display them, manage your account and find useful guides for your work. Start exploring the full potential of ZenCreate by creating your first project.

Create a new project

On the ZenCreate Home Page, select the + 'New project' icon at the bottom left. A pop-up window will open.

The 'App name' field is mandatory and assigns a name to the project. The author of the project can be specified in the second field. The third field is dedicated to the orientation of the application, whether landscape or portrait. The last field concerns the language of the application. English is assigned by default, but you can select another language from the drop-down menu.

To exit the popup, select 'Cancel', instead if you want to create the new project, select

'Create'. After selecting the 'Create' button the 'Project Page' will open automatically, i.e. the project scene management screen to start creating with ZenCreate!

On the Home Page you can view the newly created project and open the associated 'Project Page'.

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