The More Menu

The 'More' menu allows you to perform actions on a selected object or a group of selected objects.

The 'More' Menu

The 'More' menu can only be used after interacting with an object (or a group of objects) added to the scene.

By selecting 'More' with a preselected object (or group of objects), you can access the following functions:

  • Cut: This function allows you to delete the object by saving it to the clipboard. The object can be pasted into the same scene or into another scene with the 'Paste' command

  • Copy: The function allows you to copy a selected object to the clipboard, the copy can then be pasted into the same or another scene in the editor using the 'Paste' command

  • Paste: Pastes an object previously cut or copied to the clipboard into a scene

  • Duplicate: Instantly duplicates an object

  • Delete: Delete the selected object

  • Rotate: Rotates a selected object 90° to the left

  • Scale: Enlarges the selected object

  • Flip horizontal: Rotates a selected object 180° on its horizontal axis

  • Flip vertical: Rotates a selected object 180° on its vertical axis

  • Multiple selection: Allows you to select two or more objects at the same time

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